Boilies - Jungle shelf life boilies
Boilies - Jungle shelf life boilies
Boilies - Jungle shelf life boilies

Jungle Boilies

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It goes without saying that the most important factor to catching a fish is your hook bait so its important to get the best quality and attractive baits to increase your chances at landing a fish.

Pallatrax have put their years of fishery management and fish farming experience into their baits and the results speak for themselves.

Jungle boilies have incredibly consistent catch rates and have been proven successful all year round. Flavoured with Tigernut, peanut and coconut 

  • High protein levels with a design that is both an angling bait and supplementary fishery management food source.
  • Manufactured using only the highest quality ingredients including fresh liquid eggs (we do not use powdered egg).
  • Highly digestible with breakdown rates being of paramount importance.
  • Using natural sugars as a preservative creates a harder hookbait
  • Multi blend of flavours and essential oils creating an irresistible attractant.

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